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20th_anniv_100x100TPR celebrates 20 years of being the most trusted name in searching.

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TPR International, Inc. is a full-service technology and patent search firm specializing in the searching and analysis of worldwide patent, scientific, technical and business information. More on TPR ›

TPR Search Experts

Our TPR Search Experts come with impressive credentials and a proven track record as professional searchers. We apply our exceptional searching proficiency and specialist subject knowledge to align with your search objectives and provide results that are the most impactful for your desired outcome. More on Search Experts ›


Validity UltimateSM

The best experts going to the greatest lengths. If you’re searching for killer prior art,
leave no stone unturned…
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Serving a spectrum of technologies
across all industry sectors

With thousands of searches under our belt in all areas, you can be assured of our technical capabilities. Whatever your area of technology, we have the specialist subject-matter expertise to search it. More on Tech Areas ›

Global reach via online databases and on-the-ground searching in native languages

Information sources are carefully selected according to your search question, objectives and budget. Extensive search options include coverage of: patents, scientific and technical literature and business information; online and manually-searchable collections; key countries in native languages. More on Resources Covered ›

Patent and scientific information
education and learning

TPR’s annual thought-leadership conferences are renowned for promoting best practice search techniques and hearing the latest news affecting search methodologies. More on TPR Conferences ›

“The publication you found is fantastic! Just from my cursory look, I think this will do exactly what I need to tie the patent to the technology in question. Your team is really something!”

– IP Litigator, US Law Firm