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Biotechnology is like a whole new modern language. If a searcher isn’t fluent in that language – or doesn’t understand the science behind the concepts – the search results won’t meet your expectations. 

Rather than a searcher migrating to biotechnology from another discipline, a true biotech searcher’s background needs to be embedded within the world of molecular and cellular biology, immunology, cancer biology, structural biology, biochemistry, molecular pathology, array technology, plant biology, bio-informatics and comparative genomics. This TPR knows.

Each member of TPR’s world-class biotech team has a BS or PhD in a core biotechnology subject area. They have actively conducted research at leading institutions, and are patented inventors or published authors in multiple research journals. In addition, they have worked within leading corporations as professional searchers in the biotech area, utilizing specialist databases and library resources. 

When you work with TPR, you can be sure that our biotech team has all the right capabilities in place to tackle the unique challenges of biotechnology searching, including:

  • A deep knowledge base that fully covers the subject area
  • The ability to handle complex or extremely large patent documents
  • The capacity to understand sequence based searching algorithms
  • Dealing with multiple sequence variants
  • A true appreciation of the effect of repeats in sequence based analysis
  • An understanding of sequence searching at the DNA, RNA and protein sequence levels that enables more robust searches and better data interpretation
  • International reach to uncover elusive prior art via our exclusive Validity UltimateTM Service

The ability of our biotech searchers to review patents, understand the significance of patent claims, and hone in on pertinent scientific papers, provides the analysis portion of the work that is a key part to providing meaningful, on-target results.    Their collaborative approach draws out your main concerns and ensures that your search objectives are met.  

Simply translated, that means results you can feel confident about.

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