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Chemical / Polymer

The complex indexing of information in the chemical and polymer areas has been around for many years, and the different indexing systems on which vast chemical databases are built have continuously evolved over time to enhance recall and retrieval. No chemical or polymer search is complete without considering the wide range of both full-text and highly-indexed patent and non-patent literature databases available to a knowledgeable searcher, such as the Chemical Abstracts Registry, Derwent World Patents Index, and the Merged Markush Service, to name but a few. 
To be fully equipped to search in this area, it’s critically important for searchers to have many years of experience under their belts. And the only way to accumulate that experience is through having worked as information professional searchers in key corporations that are known as giants in the chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, petrochemical and polymer industries.
It’s no accident then, that TPR searchers have exactly this profile.  It’s the unique combination of technical knowledge and highest-level searching skills – including mastery of searching chemical structures and specialist database indexing – that makes TPR’s chemical, pharmaceutical and polymer searchers recognized as the best in the industry. They’ve even played a direct role in the evolution of chemical indexing by being active participants on database advisory committees for patent and non-patent information. It’s a rare combination, but we’re a rare firm. 
In addition, our global reach to search worldwide patent office resources and libraries in local languages in key countries such as the US, in Europe, Japan, China and elsewhere, can provide additional impetus to your high-impact, business-critical searches. 
It’s important to note that TPR is not affiliated to any database producer or host system, which means that we remain impartial to the selection of resources for conducting your searches. Instead, we use our experience to choose the most effective search approach and most budget-conscious resources and strategies to meet your objectives.

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