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Electrical / Electronics

The state-of-the-art is a moving target, and perhaps none more so than the areas of electrical, electronic and semiconductor technologies.  These industries, heavily reliant on brisk innovation and advancement, demand the highest level of awareness and knowledge when performing patent and non-patent literature searching. Our search experts deliver by being the best team in the industry.
The TPR advantage – knowledge, experience and access.
By their very nature, electrical and electronic patent searches require a significant amount of manual searching.  Developing effective classification and keyword search strategies – as well as accurately reviewing large volumes of drawings effectively – is critical to success.  Our electrical and electronics search group is a seasoned team of experts with a deep understanding of the current technologies that drive these rapidly evolving industries.  Our team members have BS or higher degrees in a technical field, as well as several years of direct industry experience as engineers, patent agents and searchers.
Our on-site presence at the United States Patent & Trademark Office, and direct access to examiners for consultation, puts us in the right place to maximize USPTO resources for your benefit. 
Not only this, but our ability to drill into technologies on an international level is unmatched. Our on-the-ground searchers in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and other Asian countries, plus our European and Middle East searchers in places as far apart as the UK, Finland and Israel, have proven methodologies for finding meaningful results. For projects that demand the deepest level of insight, we can investigate full-text patent and non-patent literature sources in local languages for a truly extraordinary search.
Non-patent literature is especially important to uncovering critical prior art. As well as our global presence in key countries, our search experts are adept at constructing superior keyword and indexing strategies to mine the host of non-patent literature databases and technical disclosures available for searching.   

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