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Mechanical Engineering

From a complex piece of machinery that advances the frontiers of green technology, right down to a child’s toy, mechanical searches cover a wide spectrum of classifications and art.
TPR’s mechanical engineering search team is comprised of experts with a comprehensive understanding of the current technologies and classifications that embody this ever-expanding area of innovation. Our team members hold technical degrees within the engineering fields. They bring years of direct industry experience, coupled with patent and non-patent literature searching professional expertise. 
Mechanical patent searches involve a significant amount of manual-type searching.   TPR’s searchers must first identify keywords and develop efficient search strategies from among the different classification systems as needed – US classes/subclasses, European Patent Classifications, International Patent Classes (IPC’s), Japanese F and FI terms or others.
Next comes the highly focused and detailed task of reviewing the documents, tables and drawings. Features critical to the search must be evaluated and matched against often large volumes of candidate references to capture those of potential interest to the search. Only the most efficient search methods will ensure the most reliable results at a reasonable cost.  
Our on-site presence at the United States Patent & Trademark Office, with direct access to examiners for consultation during searches, is a distinct advantage when conducting your unique searches.  Better still, for projects that demand even deeper research at other patent offices or world-class libraries, we have on-the-ground resources in key locations in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Providing you with the best search results is our goal, which can only be achieved with the right balance of technical knowledge and search expertise.  It’s the crucial difference that ensures you’ll receive reliable, well-considered search results every time – and not simply a pile of documents.


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