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10% Increase in Patent Applications Filed at IP5 Offices
December, 2017
New statistics have been released by the IP5 Offices showing that more that 2.6 million patent applications were filed at the world’s five largest intellectual property offices in 2016. It was significantly noted that this is a 10.4% increase over last year. The IP5 co-operation group, established in 2007, consists of the European Patent Office […] Continue reading
Optimizing Patent Quality and Timeliness between USPTO, JPO and KIPO with the Expanded Collaborative Search Pilot Program
November, 2017
The Expanded Collaborative Search Pilot (CSP) is designed to provide the examiners with the best prior art by combining the search expertise of examiners at the USPTO and JPO or KIPO before issuing an office action in the patent application. The first phase of the CSP was recently completed in the summer of 2017. Building […] Continue reading
The World’s Largest IP Offices, the IP5 Celebrate 10 Years of Co-operation and Issue a New Vision
June, 2017
IP5, the world’s five largest intellectual property offices met on May 31st – June 1st 2017 in Valletta, Malta to review the achievements over the past 10 years and to decide the future direction of their initiatives. Commonly referred to as the IP5, established in 2007, the co-operation group consists of the European Patent Office […] Continue reading
IPI-Award 2017 Recognizes Dr. Michael Dixon for Early Advances in Patent Data Provision and Analysis
March, 2017
Long before the term ‘Big Data’ even surfaced in the patent world, a visionary figure with a curious mind committed his early career to seeing how far patent data analysis could be pushed to its limits given the technology available at the time. What is equally remarkable is the number of patent information projects that […] Continue reading
China vs. U.S. Patent Trends. How Do the Giants Stack Up?
April, 2016
In 2015, the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office, SIPO, became the first office to receive over one million invention patent applications in a single year.  Read on to see how statistical patent trends compare between China and the U.S. and some of the reasons why we are seeing explosive growth in China in recent years….  […] Continue reading
Q&A: The Top-Ten Shuffle. Who Made it to the Top-Ten Leader Board for US Granted Utility Patents?
April, 2016
Find out which global patent assignees occupy a place in the top-ten US rankings for most utility patents (grants) in 2015. Only one assignee dropped off the list, was it: a) Panasonic, b) Qualcomm, or c) Google ? Answer:  a) Panasonic Panasonic dropped from #10 on the 2014 list, to #18 in 2015. Qualcomm and […] Continue reading