Our Clients

Patent Attorneys, Agents and IP Litigators
The most reliable results possible – with TPR’s experienced international team of experts and proven track record, you can be confident that your prosecution or intellectual property litigation work is supported by search results you can depend on.

Licensing Professionals
Whether negotiating a licensing agreement or undertaking a merger/acquisition, TPR offers search services that uncover the critical information you need when evaluating any patent portfolio.

Corporate Information Departments and Competitive Intelligence Groups
With a U.S. and international team of subject-matter experts to assist with everything from special projects to everyday search tasks, we’re your colleagues on-call.

CEO’s and Executive Business Managers
Knowledge – it’s both your greatest asset and greatest challenge. Get straight to the answers you need regarding your competitors and opportunities in the IP landscape with TPR’s unparalleled search, analysis and consulting services.

Client Endorsements and Testimonials

Client feedback is important to us and word of mouth from our clients to their colleagues is the biggest testimonial of TPR consistently meeting and exceeding expectations. We’d like to thank all our clients for their ongoing loyalty and enthusiastic endorsements.

While a list of our client base is unavailable due to confidentiality, below is a small selection of what our clients have to say about us:

“I’m really happy with the TPR report and results. I liked how you narrowed it down to save me time, and the TPR search expert really knew how to hone in on the right stuff. Our client ended up not buying the patents as a result of the search you conducted, and they were extremely appreciative of the findings, because it saved them from making a costly mistake.”

Attorney, IP Law Firm

“This was a huge project that I could not have accomplished myself in the time allotted. You have done a magnificent job with finding the most selective and relevant on-point papers from within the vast literature on this subject. I truly appreciate the effort that went into this and that you took it on with short notice. I thank you for this excellent work.”

Corporate Information Professional, Pharmaceutical Company

“Thanks for meeting a tight deadline again! After consulting with the searcher, he followed up by forwarding a flow scheme sketch to clarify the technical details – extremely helpful. The search results were bang on target.”

Corporate Counsel, Chemical Company

“You did a great job with the budget we had for the search. You even uncovered a reference from the 1950s which surprised us. We’re sending it to our client for some technical analysis and they may want to expand the search from there.”

Attorney, IP Law Firm

“You might like to know that the attorney responsible for this topic was very pleased with the searches, both in terms of the presentation of the reports and the significance of the documents found. They were complex searches and it would have been difficult to handle them in-house because of the pressure of other work.”

Corporate Information Professional, Petrochemical Company

“Thank you for the latest search results. The search report is excellent – I’m impressed!”

Corporate Counsel, Electronics Company

“I’ve just now reviewed my part of the invalidity analysis on the search that TPR conducted, and it appears that you dug up some references that were not caught during the prosecution of the patent. As a result, I feel confident in recommending TPR for the follow-up searching relating to the opinion work that is likely to come through on the same drug/project.”

Attorney, IP Law Firm

“The results you have generated allowed me to find the art I needed to support the invalidation of the patent we want to have revoked. With the list of documents you have provided we are able to find the two documents which will support the invalidation regarding obviousness.”

Corporate Information Professional, Food Company

“You guys located good art. Obviously the TPR searcher understood the concepts that were important. We liked the format and the claim chart in particular. “

Attorney, IP Law Firm

“With regard to outsourcing, it is important for us to get the highest quality and spend a minimum of time for post processing. What counts overall is best cost-benefit and customer orientation. Needless to say that we are very pleased with the quality of the search as well as the related documentation.”

Corporate Information Professional, Agrochemical Company

“This is great. Please thank your searcher for adding the comments in the report directing me to the relevant part of the Chinese reference – that saved me a ton of time trying to figure out why the reference came up in the search!”

Attorney, IP Law Firm

“The project was delivered by the deadline, it met my expectations and the person I dealt with was knowledgeable and professional.”

Corporate Information Professional, Personal Care Company

“The publication you found is fantastic! Just from my cursory look, I think this will do exactly what I need to tie the patent to the technology in question. Your team is really something!”

Attorney, IP Law Firm