Partnership Benefits

Whether you’re a law firm, corporate patent department, information/library or other department, consider TPR as your preferred search partner for your on-going search needs.

True Partnership is our personal commitment to you – to be there whenever you need us for your patent, prior art, scientific, technical, business and competitive intelligence searches. We’re talking about understanding your overall objectives, as well as on a per search basis, working together to give you the very best search results at a competitive price and according to your timeline. Our commitment is providing you with excellence in searching for your area of technology and business purpose.

TPR consistently out-performs other providers in request-for-proposal evaluations covering criteria such as subject knowledge, quality and pricing.

Preferred Client Program

Partnering with TPR for your on-going search needs offers abundant benefits:

  • Collaboration – We align ourselves with your department or firm’s overall objectives to unify how searches are being conducted and to see how we can save you time, money and meet your high quality standards
  • Cost Advantages – Get maximum value from increased efficiencies and preferential pricing for volume searching
  • Fast and Easy – Knowing where to send your searches for reliable, high-quality results saves you time, while giving you peace of mind. A streamlined estimate and approval process makes it easy for you each time you have a new request
  • Decrease Risk – One single confidentiality agreement means that your entire department/firm can put their trust in TPR and send searches in confidence on an on-going basis. It also decreases the risk associated with un-vetted partners
  • Quality – We will take on board your feedback so that your experience is consistent and in accordance with your pre-defined instructions and goals

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