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There’s a simple reason why TPR is recognized as the most capable pharmaceutical search firm in business today – our team knows your world. We’ve selected our people from among the best patent and non-patent literature search experts in the pharmaceutical industry.   They intimately understand the unique challenges associated with finding and analyzing pharma information because they’ve experienced the process from the inside. 
Whether for intellectual property protection covering worldwide patents on the one hand, or for R&D, clinical, regulatory, or competitor intelligence on the other,  our distinct teams of searchers are true experts at finding information for each specific purpose. 
Some types of pharmaceutical searches require a mastery of the complex indexing techniques necessary for searching chemical structures, fragments, Markush representations and biosequences. Searchers also need the skills to effectively apply keyword and classification searching to diverse concepts ranging from drug delivery methods, formulations, consumer healthcare and even product packaging. 
With a pharmaceutical search team uniquely qualified to understand the purpose of each search – and fully equipped with any necessary companion knowledge, such as patent law and FDA or other regulatory requirements – the end result is an expertly conducted search, intelligently analyzed, that provides easily assimilated information for your end user. 
For internal or external IP counsel or other business executives, we ensure that our search and analysis services meet the pharmaceutical industry’s own best practice standards for patent and non-patent literature searching.  Beyond database searches, TPR has the capability to search for full-text, non-patent literature internationally in native languages, providing the additional firepower needed to uncover elusive references for invalidity and other business-critical types of searches. And for projects that demand the deepest level of information discovery and research possible, including obscure or ‘gray’literature, our Validity UltimateTM solution is the answer.

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