Due Diligence

Intellectual property – it’s arguably the single most important asset in your organization. Protecting it, then, should be among your highest priorities. At TPR, we leverage our superior search expertise to deliver the information our clients need when evaluating the strengths and risks of an IP portfolio.

Due diligence investigations uncover the critical technical validity and prosecution history of a patent, plus ownership and maintenance information for verifying the legitimacy of any patent assets, including enforceability and scope of claims.

Benefits of a Due Diligence Search

  • Uncover validity, freedom-to-operate, and/or prosecution history of a patent
  • Identify strengths and risks of a patent portfolio
  • Reduce risk for in-licensing and acquisition activities
  • Leverage IP assets for negotiation with respect to licensing and M&A
  • Verify patent ownership, enforceability, and legitimacy of patent assets

Resources, Coverage and Foreign Language Options

We have proven effective methods of scouring online and/or printed scientific journals, research publications, university theses, and other relevant international sources to provide you with a thorough understanding of existing prior art according to the level of detail required for your purpose, whether from an overview perspective, or to the extent of leaving virtually no stone unturned. TPR will utilize the resources and approach most effective for the given technology and budget which can include:

  • Online databases for patent and non-patent literature
  • On-site searching at patent offices
  • Classification-based searching
  • Special coding/indexing when applicable (i.e. sequence, chemical structures. polymers)
  • Financial and business/market data
  • Phone investigations

TPR can search domestic and/or worldwide patent and non-patent literature to any extent depending on your due diligence objectives.

TPR’s on the ground coverage in key countries around the world means that your search can optionally be conducted in the local languages for the most thorough search results.

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Results, Pricing and Turnaround Time

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Areas of Technical Expertise

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