Alerts, Technology or Patent Watch

TPR’s expertise in finding data from around the globe gives us the unique ability to feed you critical, timely information regarding your business interests and research and development strategies.

Our technology and patent alert service can be tailored to your specific areas of focus to give you the latest in patent and/or non-patent literature information based on selected criteria such as:

  • Subject Matter
  • Class/Sub-class
  • Assignee
  • Authors
  • Inventor
  • Legal Status

If your organization already subscribes to an alert service, we can help improve it. From updating the search strategy, to refining the search terms, to providing data analysis and intelligence reports, our team can carry out an audit of your subscription-based alerts to help maximize the use of the information you’re paying for, and ensure you’re getting exactly what you need to stay informed.

Benefits of a Technology or Patent Alert

  • Stay abreast of patents and applications of interest
  • Monitor competitor activity to determine if there may be infringement on your patent(s)
  • Identify and take quick action within tight deadlines/parameters
    • See our AIA Support page for strategic ways to use patent alert services

Resources, Coverage and Foreign Language Options

TPR will utilize the resources and approach most effective for the given technology and budget which can include:

  • Online databases for patent and non-patent literature
  • On-site searching at patent offices
  • Classification-based searching
  • Special coding/indexing when applicable (i.e. chemical structures, sequences, polymers, etc.)

TPR can search domestic and/or worldwide patent and non-patent literature to any extent depending on your patent watch objective.

TPR’s on the ground coverage in key countries around the world means that your search can be conducted in the local languages for the most accurate search results.

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Results, Pricing and Turnaround Time

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Areas of Technical Expertise

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