Patentability, Novelty

A patentability or novelty search conducted by TPR will help you to determine if your idea is new or non-obvious and ultimately patentable. We’ll tailor a search approach that meets your unique needs and budget, and can investigate the patent and non-patent literature to shed light on the novelty of the invention.

Benefits of a Patentability Search

  • Offers insight into the direction of a potentially patentable invention
  • Prevent expenditures on additional research and legal fees in support of patent filings should the idea or technologies appear non-patentable
  • Builds confidence in the quality and strength of your IP portfolio

Resources, Coverage and Foreign Language Options

TPR will utilize the resources and approach most effective for the given technology and budget which can include:

  • Online databases for patent and non-patent literature
  • On-site searching at patent offices
  • Classification-based searching
  • Special coding/indexing when applicable (i.e. chemical structures, sequences, polymers, etc.)

TPR can search domestic and/or worldwide patent and non-patent literature to any extent, depending on your pre-filing search objectives.

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Results, Pricing and Turnaround Time

A full patentability search will generally encompass patents (both domestic and foreign) and non-patent literature. If desired, lower-cost options can also be provided for narrow coverage e.g. excluding non-patent literature or covering US patents and applications only.

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Areas of Technical Expertise

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