Patent and Prior Art Searches

Count on TPR to help you build, protect, and leverage your intellectual property assets.

TPR provides patent and literature search solutions to corporations, law firms and research institutes for a variety of IP objectives, from successfully obtaining a patent, to defending it in the courtroom. TPR fulfills your prior art search needs and provides you with quality results identified by leading industry search professionals.

What are your Search Needs?

Search Type
More Details
Identify general and background art for a particular technology to give a broad picture to help guide research
Identify art which may affect the patentability of an invention
Identify patents or applications which may cover a proposed product or process. Analysis of claims for patents in force
Identify prior art which may impact the claims of a specific patent. Helps remove blocking patents or establish solidity of patent portfolio
For projects that demand the deepest level of worldwide information discovery and validity research possible
Verify patent ownership, history and status for licensing, M&A, IPO, etc. May be combined with validity studies
Shows the patent landscape, trends and gaps in patent coverage and interconnections between patents. Helps guide R&D & patent strategy
Monitor new patent activity or status changes to existing patents, or track latest technology developments
Supporting your IP strategies in light of the new America Invents Act (AIA) provisions in the US including patent office trials
Search expertise for your specific patent and non-patent literature search challenges and needs

Benefits of using TPR


Systematic and in-depth coverage of patent and non-patent literature in specified focus areas


Ensures most effective use of your budget


Access to obscure, difficult-to-access resources


Increases the prospect of finding unique references


Search coverage in different countries and languages according to where the technology has been developed or was most active during a specified time period


Gives a fuller picture of a particular tech area leading to a competitive advantage


Conducted by search professionals with technical/scientific degrees combined with 10+ years of patent searching experience in their designated subject matter


Efficient search strategies maximize the effectiveness of your search results


Rapid mobilization for urgent searches


Enables you to meet your deadlines


Optional iterative process allows clients to monitor search results at different stages


Allows you to redirect the search emphasis during the course of the search


Easy-to-follow reports point to references of most potential interest with optional discussion and additional value-added customization


The search report presents information that is most useful for your purposes


All searching handled through one point of contact


Efficient search process saves you time and maximizes understanding of search objectives and on target search results

Areas of Technical Expertise

TPR’s areas of expertise cut across multiple technologies and industry sectors. We provide all levels of help from a simple mechanical search, to a complicated pharmaceutical, biosequence, polymer or Markush chemical structure query.

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Resources, Coverage and Foreign Language Options

TPR utilizes the resources most effective for your search question and budget, which may include:

  • Online databases for patent and non-patent literature
  • Classification-based searching
  • On-site searching at patent offices, libraries, universities, and special research institutions world-wide
  • Phone investigations

Our on-the-ground coverage in key countries around the world means that your search can be conducted in local languages for the most inclusive search results.

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Pricing and Turnaround Time

TPR provides a custom-built estimate with various cost and search options. Alternatively, clients may provide a fixed amount for a search and we will use our experience to construct the most effective search strategy within a given budget.

TPR’s delivery time for patent/prior art searches is 3-5 days or 1-2 weeks, depending on search type and scope. Delivery time for some extended validity searches may take a little longer than average. Please provide us with your deadline and we will confirm our ability to meet your stated deadline in our estimate. We are often able to expedite search results without rush fees.

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