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TPR is a full-service patent and literature search firm specializing in the searching and analysis of worldwide patent, scientific, technical and business information. Since 1995, TPR has established a reputation for trusted search results, extensive global reach, depth of service and a passion to go the extra mile to locate critical information that other firms can’t.

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Technical searches for all your patent and scientific information needs

For all life sciences, high-tech and engineering sectors

From chemicals and life sciences, to engineering, electronics, information technology and beyond. With tens of thousands of searches under our belt, you can be assured of TPR’s technical search capabilities in established and rapidly-developing technologies.

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Trusted Search Advisors

Our TPR Search Experts come with impressive credentials and a proven track record as professional searchers. Read more about our unique experience and how it impacts your search results.

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Global Searching Resources

See what global and multi-lingual sources
we can leverage for your search:

  • Patents, scientific, technical and business information
  • Online and manually-searchable collections
  • Key countries in native languages.

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Leave No Stone Unturned

For high-stakes patent litigation, mobilize the forces of TPR’s Validity UltimateSM search solution. See how a tailored, multi-pronged approach can help you leave no stone unturned and secure the upper hand.

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