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TPR can help with all of your patent and non-patent literature search needs.  Here are additional services we offer.

Design Search

TPR’s design search service covers all areas of design, including international designs, community designs, and key country searches in the US, UK or Germany, for example. Our teams of search experts leverage a suite of information sources and best-in-class search techniques to find the design information critical to your design patenting and registering strategies.

Inventor, Author, Assignee Search

Researching a particular inventor, author, or assignee may seem simple at first glance. But unexpected challenges such as variations in name syntax, or multiple names for a corporation and its divisions or affiliates, can result in missed information. And that, of course, can mean incomplete results.

Rest assured that our expert searchers utilize a full range of different search techniques to cast a series of nets to capture and corroborate the required information for each individual or organization.

Custom Searching

Do you have a unique challenge not listed in our standard services?  We can help.

Our information professionals approach the simplest tasks or most complex queries with equal passion, and their industry-gained insight enables the right approach to finding the information you need. From knowing the right questions to ask, to developing a cohesive, well-considered search strategy, to efficiently searching relevant databases and source libraries, our team knows what it takes to deliver to our clients what matters the most – timely, relevant knowledge.

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