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Patent Mapping, Landscape

Climb a mountain high enough and you’ll get a comprehensive view of the landscape. That’s the idea behind patent mapping. Admittedly, the concept is a simple one – but the process behind it is most often complex and demanding.

Of course, a patent map is only as good as the data behind it, and our unparalleled search results make the difference. Our in-depth knowledge of your industry and your key technology areas allows us to find better, more relevant information than other less-experienced searchers. Plus, our deep industry experience enables us to interpret and analyze the data in meaningful ways. In the end, you’ll have clearer, more relevant information that helps you understand your competitive landscape and plan for the future with confidence.


Benefits of Patent Mapping/Landscape


Resources, Coverage and Foreign Language Options

TPR will utilize the resources and approach most effective for the given technology and budget which can include:

TPR can search domestic and/or worldwide resources to any extent depending on your patent landscape objective.

TPR’s on the ground coverage in key countries around the world means that your search can optionally be conducted in the local languages for the most accurate search results.

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Results, Pricing and Turnaround Time

Customizable presentations and visualizations, including graphs, charts, and maps, etc., assist in interpreting the underlying data and identifying patterns, gaps and opportunities for strategy and decision making.

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Areas of Technical Expertise

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