Validity UltimateSM

The best search experts going to the greatest lengths.

For projects that demand the deepest level of information discovery and invalidity research – Validity UltimateSM is the answer.

Every search is unique so when you send a Validity UltimateSM search request to TPR we will consult with you to discuss your search objectives and identify the best approach for the search and budget. Clients can request an a la carte combination of services, or can ask a TPR search advisor to suggest the best approach for each unique project.

Customized, Multi-Pronged Approach

The Validity UltimateSM team combines the understanding of where to look with the best-practice skills of how to look – using their expertise to provide a tailored, systematic and incisive search service that can cover everything from worldwide local-language libraries and online databases to obscure ‘grey’ literature.

NOTE: We can search on the ground in native languages in countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Europe, Israel, Brazil, Russia and many other key areas.

TPR’s invalidity searching is unparalleled in the industry. This one-of-a-kind solution is totally customizable, using a multi-pronged approach tailored directly to meet your search objectives, accelerating search results and delivering maximized results.

Contact us to find out more about the Validity UltimateSM Search Service and our unique multi-pronged searching approach – your most powerful option for high-stakes invalidity cases.

Benefits of choosing TPR and the Validity UltimateSM Search Service

Identify Search Objectives
  • TPR will consult with you to uncover objectives and identify the best approach for your search
  • Request from an a la carte combination of services, or a TPR search advisor can suggest the best approach
Customized, Multi-pronged Approach
  • Beyond US-based searching to investigate full-text patent and non-patent literature sources worldwide
  • Access to obscure ‘grey’ literature
  • On-the-ground searching in native languages
  • Multi-level searching concurrently
  • Search experts who have a technical background combined with 10+ years of experience having previously searched in-house in top R&D departments bringing proven methodologies and effective search strategies
  • Search coverage in different countries and languages according to where the technology has been developed and was most active during a specific time period
Search Results
  • All levels of searching handled through one point of contact
  • Rapid mobilization for urgent searches
  • Iterative process allowing client to monitor results at different stages and choose different paths
  • Easy-to-follow reports showing the scope of sources searched and with references providing translation summaries of important sections

Resources, Coverage and Foreign Language Options

TPR will utilize the resources and approach most effective for the given technology and budget which can include:

  • Online databases for patent and non-patent literature
  • Classification-based searching
  • On-site searching at patent offices, libraries, universities, conferences, special research institutions, and other resources world-wide for example in Europe, Japan, China, South America, etc.
  • Special coding/indexing when applicable (i.e. sequence, chemical structures. polymers)
  • Phone investigations

TPR can search domestic and/or worldwide patent and non-patent literature to any extent depending on your invalidity/validity objective.

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Pricing and Turnaround Time

TPR will provide a custom-built estimate with the most effective cost and search options. For a Validity UltimateSM search the average delivery time is 1-4 weeks (depending on resources and countries to be covered) and may take longer if extensive searching is required. Please provide us with your deadline and we will confirm our ability to meet this deadline in your estimate.

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Areas of Technical Expertise

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