Process and Pricing

Studies conducted by TPR clients show that our experience helps deliver faster, more effective, results. Our value-added reports, with professional analysis and highlighting of pertinent information, help clients move quickly forward in making informed and incisive business decisions.

The TPR Process

Sending a search to TPR couldn’t be easier, and TPR’s dedicated team is on-hand. Below is an overview of the TPR process from the initial request through to the delivery of results and collecting client feedback. We consult with you to exactly understand your search objectives and to ensure the final deliverable will meet your expectations.

Client sends TPR a search request via email, online form or telephone
TPR generates tailored estimate with cost and turn around time
Client authorizes the search
Search initiated – quality and progress monitored
TPR delivers search results according to client requirements
TPR collects feedback from client to ensure satisfaction

We are always conscious of client deadlines and work expeditiously to progress your search to ensure the results are delivered on time. Upon receipt of your search request our responsive team will contact you immediately and will get a tailored estimate in your hands by the next business day in most cases, if not sooner.

TPR Pricing Structure

TPR will provide a custom-built estimate with various cost and search options based on your objective, desired coverage, and subject matter of the search. Alternatively, if you have a specific budget allocation we can use our experience to develop the most effective search strategy that meets with your approval.

We will never proceed with a search until we have your approval and budget authorization to do so, and we ensure that you are informed of costs ahead of time in order to be in full control. Our up-front estimate means that there are no surprises. Estimates and pre-search consultations are free of charge, and there is never any obligation for you to proceed with a search.

Rather than a fixed-fee structure for a particular search type, TPR pricing is completely tailored for each search and is related to the extent of resources to be searched, as well as the scope of the search question. This tailored estimate approach leads to maximized search results, ensures that your search is not being handled in a ‘production line’ manner that treats all searches as the same, and guards against artificially truncating a search that could lead to a search that is poorly covered or incomplete.

Contact Us and a TPR representative will be happy to get started in providing estimate options for your search project.

To establish an ongoing partner relationship with TPR, including integration with your internal processes and other client advantages, please visit our Partnership page.

Turnaround Time

Patent/Prior Art Searches: 3-5 days or 1-2 weeks (depending on search type and scope). Delivery time for some extended validity searches may take a little longer than average and will be advised at the time of providing the request.

Scientific & Business Searches: 24 hours to 1 week or more (depending on the search type and scope)

Competitor Intelligence Searches: 1-4 weeks (depending on the depth of the search)

Please provide us with your deadline and we will confirm our ability to meet this deadline in your estimate. We are often able to expedite search results without rush fees.

Results Format

An easy-to-read report will be delivered upon completion of the search. TPR’s standard search report includes the following and may be fully customized based on your preference:

  • Search Request Summary
  • Search Approach
  • Search Findings
  • Search Strategy
  • Sources Searched
  • References (with hyperlinks or PDF copies of patents, if required)
  • Can include:
    1. Discussion of references, claim charts, tables, graphs, etc.
    2. Annotations and highlighting of references
    3. Other value-added features, based on client’s preferences and type of search

Please let us know your preferred report format and features you would like to see in the search report to make it as functional and easy for you to use as possible. We will carefully note your feedback to ensure the right deliverable every time.

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