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The search industry is a complicated business. Our approach to it, however, is relatively straightforward. We believe the highest quality search professionals – those with proven track records and rock solid credentials – produce the most reliable results.

Our searchers are heavily vetted and we employ only the best —searchers with prestigious qualifications in their area of technical expertise, earned from leading universities and postgraduate programs.  Their solid credentials are complemented by a vast amount of search experience.  Most of our search professionals learned their skills as professional searchers within technology-leading organizations such as Abbott, Allergan, BP, Dow Chemical, DuPont, Genentech, GSK, IBM, Motorola, Pfizer, and patent offices around the globe, spending 10+ years searching at such organizations in-house before joining TPR.

Our search professionals approach the simplest tasks or most complex queries with equal passion. Their industry-gained insight and deep subject knowledge allows them to search relevant databases and source libraries in the most efficient manner possible, which translates into the most cost-effective searches for clients.

Simply put, from the most straightforward to the most complicated search, if you want expert results, you want the experts at TPR on your side.

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