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TPR specializes in language translation and localization of worldwide patent, legal, scientific, technical, medical and business information in over 80 languages. With a global team of highly experienced translation experts at your disposal, you can be assured of the breadth and depth of our language and technical capabilities.

We provide language translation and localization in the following areas:

Patent, Other IP and Legal Translations

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Scientific, Technical and Engineering Translations

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Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Translations

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Patent, Other IP and Legal Translations

TPR offers accurate and cost-effective global translations for your intellectual property, legal and technical documents to support patent prosecution, litigation and other legal transactions.

We offer extensive resources to support corporations and law firms worldwide with the following translation services:


Patent translation service examples include:

Translations for Official Patent Filing
TPR excels in multi-language translations for multi-country and multi-jurisdiction filings of patent applications.  This is for translations of filing-ready patent applications around the globe.

This centralized approach is fast, replacing the old fashioned trend of performing translations through unconnected firms in different countries, leading to inconsistencies with unnecessary costs and administration for the client.  This TPR solution ensures consistency, accuracy and total quality management, with around 30% cost savings across your multi-language translation costs. Our centralized system also simplifies invoicing and currency issues, as well as removing all hidden costs, as TPR generally does not charge for typing, formulae, drawing, etc., that many other firms charge as add-ons.

Translation of Patent and Legal Documents for Analysis and Evaluation
TPR provides accurate and cost effective translations of legal and patent documents for analysis and evaluation purposes.

EP Validation
TPR provides the full translation service surrounding the EP validation process and provides the necessary documents for the national filings based on all the local application requirements and formats.

PCT National Phase Translations
Similarly, TPR provides the full translation service for the PCT application entering into national phase with all the necessary documents for filing based on each individual national requirements e.g. specific format.

Scientific, Technical and Engineering Translations

TPR translates scientific and technical material ranging from chemistry, software and machinery to electronics and telecommunications.  Our expert translators are native in the target language and also come with deep scientific knowledge in the technical field.

TPR can help with translating documents such as:

See Technology Areas for the areas of technologies that we can translate and localize for you in over 80 languages and 100 language combinations.

Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Translations

Trust TPR for your pharmaceutical, biotech and medical translations. Our expert translators are native in the target language and also come with deep subject matter expertise.

TPR’s global team of translators can help you with translations of:


Pricing and Turnaround Time

TPR offers language translation and localization at competitive pricing without compromising quality or accuracy.  When you submit a translation request we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. We will only proceed with the project once you have given your approval.  Turnaround time can be 2 to 5 business days from authorization for standard projects.  Please provide us with your deadline and we will confirm our ability to meet this deadline in your quote.  We are often able to expedite translations without rush fees.


Request a Translation Quote

To request a free, confidential, no-obligation translation quote complete the online Request an Estimate form.  Alternatively, you can contact us by email at or call +1 858 592 9084 to speak directly to a TPR specialist.