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Review of the IPI-ConfEx 2015: Best Practices in Patent Information Management and Searching
April, 2015
Lesley K MacLachlan reports from the 12th Annual International Patent Information Conference and Exposition, held from 8 to 11 March 2015 in Rome, Italy. The International Patent Information (IPI) Organisation, led by Ford Khorsandian (TPR International, Inc.), welcomed around 200 attendees from Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, to the Crowne Plaza […] Continue reading
IPI-Award 2015 Recognizes Peter Kallas as Leading Patent Information Quality Advocate
March, 2015
Colleagues of Dr. Peter Kallas from the Patent Information Industry will immediately bring to mind Peter’s friendly nature, coupled with patience and humility. These inherent traits conjure up a picture of someone who is a pleasure to work with, but what about getting results? Peter’s track record of working as Head of Chemicals and Engineering […] Continue reading
The Thrill of the Hunt: 3 Essential Elements to Ensuring Effective Patent and Literature Search Results
February, 2015
Below are three essential elements to successfully engaging an outside search professional for finding critical prior art references. Following these steps for your patent and scientific literature searches will help you to eliminate your risk and take your search results to a new level. ELEMENT 1: Define the Task It stands to reason that lack […] Continue reading
TPR Celebrates 20 Years
February, 2015
What does it take to occupy the position as one of the industry’s most successful patent search firms over the last two decades? TPR President, Ford Khorsandian explains: “There is never any room for complacency in the searching business. We always have to create value and understand the newest dynamics that clients are operating under. […] Continue reading
Q&A: Take the Challenge
February, 2015
In tune with our 20 year anniversary theme, 1995 is a key year in the fledgling era. Which of the following happened in 1995? Netscape introduces SSL Sun Microsystems announces JavaScript is officially opened EBay is founded PHP is publicly released The USB standard is established VoIP software is introduced The first Wiki […] Continue reading
TPR Holiday Smiles: Supporting Charitable Causes
December, 2014
TPR gratefully acknowledges and values the ongoing commitment of our clients and we are honoring that trust by making a similar commitment to the worldwide community in helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves. TPR has pledged to support two charities; Smile Train and Save the Children. Smile Train is a children’s charity that […] Continue reading