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Artificial Intelligence (AI) a Top Priority for the USPTO
March, 2020
Like other patent offices, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a top priority for the USPTO. In the summer of 2019, the USPTO issued a ‘Request for Comments on Patenting Artificial Intelligence Inventions’. The questions covered several topics including the patent examination policy and also posed the question on whether new forms of IP protection are […] Continue reading
UK’s Exit from the Unified Patent Court
February, 2020
It has been confirmed that under Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, the UK will exit from the Unified Patent Court (UPC). This is clearly another step under the Brexit (British Exit) process for the UK to become independent. UK Government spokesperson confirmed, “The UK will not be seeking involvement in the unitary patent/UPC system. Participating in […] Continue reading
AI Inventors – The EPO’s Decision
January, 2020
The EPO recently published grounds for its decision to refuse two European patent applications naming an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system as the inventor. At the end of last year, European patent applications EP 18 275 163 and EP 18 275 174 were filed with the Intellectual Property Office of the UK and forwarded to the […] Continue reading
IPI Award 2019 Recognizes Bettina de Jong for Stalwart Leadership in Advancement of the Patent Information Profession
June, 2019
For Bettina de Jong, being a patent information professional has always meant going above and beyond the call of duty. During her long and successful career, Bettina has risen to positions of responsibility in patent searching and management within leading corporations. Throughout, she has sought other ways to serve the profession in addition to her […] Continue reading
40 Years Since First European Patent Application
December, 2018
The EPO published its first European patent application, EP 000 000 1 forty years ago today (20 December 2018). The application related to a “thermal heat pump” and was filed by European Atomic Energy Community. The patent was granted on 7 January 1981. A batch of 112 applications were published on that day along with […] Continue reading
Rise in Patent Applications for Self-Driving Vehicles in Europe
November, 2018
A study by the European Patent Office finds that the number of European patent applications related to automated driving has grown 20 times faster than other technologies in recent years. The study carried out in co-operation with the European Council for Automotive R&D reveals that innovation in self-driving vehicles (SDV) is accelerating fast and could […] Continue reading