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Q&A: The Millionth Patent

July, 2015

This year, the USPTO issued the ninth millionth patent (US 9,000,000) for a “Windshield washer conditioner” to inventor Matthew Carroll (Jupiter, FL, US). Historically, the “millionth” patent has coincidentially been for an interesting technology that is topical of the time period.

For example, Patent number US 3,000,000 marked an entry into the information age when Kenneth Eldredge’s Automatic Reading System allowed conversion of human language into machine language in 1961.

Do you know the first millionth patent granted by the USPTO (US 1,000,000) which was issued in 1911?


The “Vehicle-tire” was issued patent number US 1,000,000 on August 8, 1911 to inventor Francis H Holton (Akron, OH, US). For more millionth patents see