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TPR Celebrates 20 Years

February, 2015

What does it take to occupy the position as one of the industry’s most successful patent search firms over the last two decades?20th_anniv_RGBjpg

TPR President, Ford Khorsandian explains:

There is never any room for complacency in the searching business. We always have to create value and understand the newest dynamics that clients are operating under. Living through the information age means that we have to be agile and take advantage of new searching capabilities and integrate them with established searching protocols. In addition, we have the responsibility to look forward and lead the searching industry into new territory.

It’s a formula that has served the company well, as TPR marks its twentieth anniversary since first opening its doors in 1995. TPR came into being as a result of demand from professional searchers working within corporations who had nowhere to turn for external help with their technical searches. They needed a ‘power patent’ search team who had high-level knowledge of the data sources, coupled with technical expertise and how it applied to patents. TPR was born. Ever since, and in keeping with its reputation as ‘The Most Trusted Name in Searching’, TPR has grown to support a loyal client base consisting of attorneys from many of the top US IP law firms, as well as corporate patent and information departments from the world’s most distinguished R&D corporations.

Leadership Role Fosters Latest Searching Techniques

When it comes to future perspectives, the leadership role adopted by TPR is most keenly felt through its founding and organization of the annual International Patent Information Conference & Exposition, IPI-ConfEx ( This unique forum, now in its 12th year, brings together technical information professionals and search specialists from the world’s foremost R&D corporations across all technologies. The three-day conference focuses on the latest tools and techniques in patent searching and fosters discussion between information users and information providers and patent offices. Special emphasis is given to showcasing the newest developments in searching, whether that is the latest database capabilities (such as on-the-fly machine translations or analysis tools), data mining and landscaping, assimilating patent office policies, or applying the intricacies of searching in niche technology areas. TPR clients benefit from this valuable ongoing learning that is continually being refreshed and renewed and applied in the practical searching field.

From its early origins, TPR has grown into one of the largest and most trusted providers of patent and literature searches. It is known for its in-depth database searching and true on-the-ground, native language searching locally in countries around the globe to track down critical prior art. TPR’s unique expertise and sincere passion to go the extra mile in searching has helped clients’ cases many times over, including playing a major role in clearing the path for one of the all-time highest selling drugs on the market today.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to our loyal clients for their business over the years, and well as to the many newer clients who have joined the TPR client family, largely as a result of referrals from TPR’s growing pool of satisfied clients. Here’s to the next 20 years!