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IPI-Award 2016 Recognizes Ms. Annemie Nuyts for Contribution to EPO Search Systems
March, 2016
TPR’s close ties with the patent information profession over the last two decades has led to TPR founding and sponsoring the prestigious ‘International Patent Information (IPI) Award’ for outstanding achievement in moving forward the frontiers of patent information science.  Read how this year’s recipient, Ms. Annemie Nuyts, has placed her unique stamp on the patent […] Continue reading
Unified But Not Uniform: The European Patent with Unitary Effect
January, 2016
Nearly 3 years have passed since two European Union (EU) regulations entered into force, paving the way for a new route to managing patent rights across Europe. Those charged with the formation of the proposed Unified Patent Court (UPC) have supervised the production of 18 draft versions of its Rules of Procedure, hosted numerous seminars, […] Continue reading
TPR Clients: Creating Smiles for Charitable Causes
January, 2016
TPR gratefully acknowledges and values the ongoing commitment of our clients and we are honoring that trust by making a similar commitment to the worldwide community in helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves. To show our appreciation, TPR pledged to support two charities; Smile Train and Save the Children. We began our 3-year […] Continue reading
Q&A: Patent Statistics in China: Chinese versus Overseas Applicants
January, 2016
The State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) has released statistics on patent applications filed and patents granted in China during the first three quarters of 2015. With an increase in patent applications of 22% over the previous year, we take a look at the statistical data in more detail. To get started, what percentage […] Continue reading
Making the Switch from USPC to CPC: What Attorneys and Searchers Need to Know 
October, 2015
The United States Patent Classification (USPC) was the official patent classification system used and maintained by the USPTO until January 1, 2013. The system was replaced with the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC), a joint partnership between the USPTO and the EPO where the Offices agreed to harmonize their existing classification systems (ECLA and USPC, respectively) […] Continue reading
Who is Pushing Forward the Frontiers of Patent Information and Why It Matters
October, 2015
Patent information is a unique field of expertise that centers on handling often extraordinarily large volumes of data and making it available to end-users in meaningful ways. This involves the collaboration of a spectrum of providers from patent offices, online content publishers, analytics software developers, and to other patent information specialists who take on the […] Continue reading