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Freedom To Operate: Time to update your search?

February, 2018

When it comes to freedom to operate you always want to ensure the greatest level of diligence for making the most informed decisions.

Have you considered freedom to operate search updates, periodic alerts, or extensions on searches that have been performed for you in the past? This is a cost-effective way to gather new intelligence and build on groundwork that has already been done on your behalf. For example, you may find value in regular alerts to monitor key inventors or assignees, or perhaps want to extend your search to additional countries. Whatever your information needs happen to be, TPR can help you capture vital references for your decision-making.

If you have already had a freedom to operate search conducted with TPR, we can use the same search strategy to identify any possible changes in the patent literature since we last performed your search, or we can alter the strategy depending on how your parameters have changed. The updates can be done as a one-time project, or we can provide options for automating the updates at your desired frequency.

If you would like to explore this service or if you have a new search you would like an estimate on, please contact TPR at +1.858.592.9084 or